Friday, March 7, 2008

the sun is out

Well, the sun is out but it is only 6 above and with a little wind it is brutal! I just filled the feeder...the sun brings the birds out and I even heard one singing...havent heard that since the fall. Even thou it is so cold, the "sun" is melting snow which will turn into ice tonight which makes walking and driving trecherous. We are going to Marquett tomarrow for the NMU game and havent decided which car to take...if it is going to be icy, we will take Mark's little acclaim...he rather put that in a snowbank instead of the newer ford. We should have a blast...looks like we go on daylight stupid time this weekend...didnt have in hawaii.....
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Lisa Boyer said...

Well, the sun being out is a start, eh? Soon, the spring bulbs will be peeking through and it will be glorious!!! The frozen mouse is a riot--but please don't send him to least please don't send him to me, huh?