Thursday, February 25, 2010

Staples out in one more week! sure hurts more than I thought it would but less than when I had my knees done. On February 15th I had my bariatric surgery. I must say I am getting mighty sick and bored on semi liquid diet but hopefully next Thursday I get the go ahead for the soft...real food.

Ya know what I miss and crave the most?....not chocolate, or ice cream, but raw crisp veggies. Every time I see that Hidden Valley commercail with the raw cauliflower (instead of popcorn) and the kids eating the bid salads.....I have lost almost thirty pounds already. So many more to go but thirty?!!

Must pound the protein so the hair won't fall out plus don't want to damage heart. Need to get creative with protein shakes...whey protein.

I am tired...can hear Mark snoring through the floor. Hope you are all doing well. Will post before surgery photo and then Thursday at the clinic I will have them take one of me with my camera. They take photos and measure and weigh you and all. xo susan

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let it Snow

Aren't these lovely? I bought six of these when we went down to Ohio last year. I think there are two plants in this pot and they are doing great. To the right is a pot with one that is struggling, I am hoping it pulls through. I just love these dark rich colors in the gloom of winter. My rubber plant is doing well, but if I was on Kauai it would be in the ground outside and about 6' tall by now :-) .... but we are not on Kauai so we do what we can to bring some color inside for the winter.

I have yet to quilt any of the quilt tops I made in December...bad me...but I promose to do it soon. I am having my bariatric surgery in March I think so it would be good to get them done beforethat time. I only have a few wall hangings for our bi-annual quilt show so I need to get on the ball plus the quilts on our bed are in such ratty condition I don't know how much longer they can hold out.

V is doing well in school in San Diego but she really misses her daddy and Kauai. I am not sure if she will go next year or what. I am slow in getting her birthday gift done (jan.26th) and I must mail off before surgery also. So much to do and time is getting short.

I havent heard from Aimee or Max in a while. I hope all is well on that front. She doesnt have a phone so I cannot call her or talk to Maxman.
Well, I hope everyone is having a great week. Until next time xo