Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let it Snow

Aren't these lovely? I bought six of these when we went down to Ohio last year. I think there are two plants in this pot and they are doing great. To the right is a pot with one that is struggling, I am hoping it pulls through. I just love these dark rich colors in the gloom of winter. My rubber plant is doing well, but if I was on Kauai it would be in the ground outside and about 6' tall by now :-) .... but we are not on Kauai so we do what we can to bring some color inside for the winter.

I have yet to quilt any of the quilt tops I made in December...bad me...but I promose to do it soon. I am having my bariatric surgery in March I think so it would be good to get them done beforethat time. I only have a few wall hangings for our bi-annual quilt show so I need to get on the ball plus the quilts on our bed are in such ratty condition I don't know how much longer they can hold out.

V is doing well in school in San Diego but she really misses her daddy and Kauai. I am not sure if she will go next year or what. I am slow in getting her birthday gift done (jan.26th) and I must mail off before surgery also. So much to do and time is getting short.

I havent heard from Aimee or Max in a while. I hope all is well on that front. She doesnt have a phone so I cannot call her or talk to Maxman.
Well, I hope everyone is having a great week. Until next time xo


Janie said...

Susan I just noticed that it was YOU who posted a comment on my blog last summer. I was so excited. Last year I went to Kauai and couldn't find you.
Yes, I still do love to dye but I do not have time right now to do that. Long story... I am doing a lot of writing, but I relegated myself to doing paper arts as well as my creative outlet since my space is a bit cramped right now. So glad to see you!!!! Keep in touch. Oh,, by the way, I've been to the UP (another long story). I loved it there, would love to go back.
Love ya, Janie Van Komen

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