Monday, January 3, 2011

Here is the "Stepping Stones" top. It is now finished. I am just waiting to get the backing from Alley Kat, I think she mailed it today, hopefully. Wonder what she picked.......After I quilt it, I think a very thin black binding would be perfect! By the way, Mark is holding the sides, was too long to hold lengthwise.
I am totally addicted to dried apples. I have been these 3# bags of Macintosh apples. They are smallish and core and peel easily and am using my funky mandolin. I cannot control the wideth, so I put in the insert and they come out paper thin, crunchy and melt in your mouth. They are better than candy and much much better for me.
Still knitting away. Got my box from Knitpics...a ball winder; two packs of small tip protectors; a ball of wonderous fingerling to make me another pair of socks and...ta da...the Harmony wooden interchangeable needles. The only bum deal is, they don't have the sizes on the tips anywhere, so I guess I need to get one of those needle gauge thingies.
They are offering this new class at Alley Kat called Zentangle...I had to look up. Heck! My first husband did this sort of art in the early sixties until he passed...mostly in pen and ink. I have always doodled this way most of my life. I think I will make a small Zentangle wall hanging and send up there before the class so she can have as sample.
Took lots of fabric back down to the basement. It tends to migrate upstairs and needs taking back. I traced and cut out most patterns from the A is for Apron book. I am going to make them out of TROPICALS!!!! They are gonna be so kool....the first one Im going to make is Mango Tango and I have this yellow orchid and uke fabric. Will post photo when done.
Well, its late, gonna hit the rack. Have a great and productive week everybody.