Saturday, October 23, 2010

Looking out living room window, that is snow on garage roof...and my beautiful geraniums that are two years old now. they bloom all year, especially in the winter.
more snow, mark enlarged the garden. he doesnt like to mow so one of these years im gonna go out on the deck and the whole back yard will be garden.

snow on the back deck. i know it isnt much but it was only oct. 20th!!!!!
we pulled the garden and then mark enlarged it, so it is now three times as big as before. it will be great next year. i still need to finish the raspberries. i think i have cut back and taken out the dead wood of half the patch. it is hard going back out there once you stop but i need to get this done before the ground freezes. we also dug up the fairy circle out front. i have bags of iris, they had never been divided before. i think i will plant along the fence. i am going to plant the baby asiatic lillies that wont bloom for a couple more years back where the big ones came from. they are all out front in the fairy circle in the middle cause they are the tallest. i think i got most if not all the weeds...grasses. i could not believe all the roots going thru there. i separated and replanted everything and hopefully will produce beautiful flowers next spring and summer. i am going to plant garlic all around it to keep out the deer plus, i think the ground is soft enough to get a nice crop of garlic from. also a space for beets .the garden is a bit to clay like for stuff like garlic and beets but the broccolli and cauliflower and sugar snap peas and beasn did incredibly well. will plant lots more next year.
need to go upstairs and work on a sample i am doing for Alley Kat, in Marquette. it is "stepping stones" by judy nyemeyer...i know i spelt that wrong. it was tricky at first but am really enjoying it. i was not much of a papaer piecer but i love her pattern. i think it will go together beautifully. she also gave me an original pattern to make with my hand dyes...another sample of her pattern done plus help sell my hand dyes. i am also doing some overdyeing at same cost. i really like the look even thou it takes me an extra day. i am so thankful mark bought me and installed that top loading washing machine in the basement. will try and photograph some of my projects and post them soon. till then....take care