Tuesday, July 22, 2008


On Saturday we drove all the way up to the Porkypine (i know i spelt that wrong, my brain is fried) mountains and they had this great boardwalk (300') to the look out for Lake in the Clouds. It was so beautiful and there was an oak tree that had this acorns. Mark says oak dont grow alot up here but it was neat to see one. Anyway, was a very nice day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dana is giving away another quilt!!!!!

Our friend, Dana, at Old Red Barn Company, is giving a way the most incredible quilt! I want it! I want it! But I will share this with you cause I am soooo nice plus I want those extra chances :-) You need to go to her blog....oldredbarnco.blogspot.com and make a comment. She also tells you how you can get more chances to win. Good luck everyone, but I think I need it here up in da cold UP. Summer? what summer?

its 52

Just a couple shots of another new wild flower in the fairy circle. It continues to change and bloom with new colors all the time. This fall when we divide all the bulbs I think we will make a little bigger and add a bit more color. It is a little after 5a.m. and I am enjoying the quiet. The birds are singing and very pleasant.
I finished up another sample top of WOW. This time I used two batiks, the same but one in red/pink and the other blue...they both had very small white dots. I used the 9" block and it felt strange using such large pieces after doing the 6" block for so long. I did design with scalloped borders. Today at the stitch and bitch group will pin baste to quilt and then I will bind with some wonderful binding I made with a handdye I made recently. I will post photos of the completed 9" WOW and the 6" WOW table runner/wall hanging. Tomarrow diffenately down to the basement and work with me gammill. Big Smile!

Monday, July 14, 2008

its here................

My gammill is finally home again! It got serviced, a bigger bobbin, laser pointer for following those pantograms and a new 12' table! On the way out, this bad boy took out our telephone/dsl wire...got everything back by 5.30p.m. (it is about 7:30a.m. in photo)

Here are three crates. The one up front is table top frame, top and rollers. The smallest is actually the gammill head and the crate on the hand truck has the legs and other stuff in it.
It took quite a bit of time and muscle to get this sucker open! Then everything has to be lugged around the house into the back and through the opened panel (remember where the snake was) well, that place. And, then, without any instruction or prior experience he got this baby put together. I will take a photo or two of it installed in the basedment. Happy Dance! Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy

Friday, July 4, 2008

fourth and wild flowers

This is the path that Mark mows so I can take a nice walk through the apple orchard, into the wood and to the power line trail. The wild flowers are amazing! Tons of raspberries disbursed from our patch by the birds.
Here are some of the flowers we picked today. There is some Queen Anne's Lace; daisies; Indian Paint Brush; sweet clover; buttercups and some stuff we dont know. I want to get a field quide to Michigan's wild flowers. They are sitting in the center of an old glass radar table I got years ago when Mike (late husband) worked at PMRF (pacific missle range facility). Makes a great table and we always put the Christmas tree up on it too.

We are having a very quiet fourth around here. I talked with Victoria this morning. I miss her so much! She would have had such a great time here this summer. Oh well, have to be happy with the thought she will be spending a month her for her Christmas break. Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone!