Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME

Well, it's my birthday and I am the not so bit 64! We planned to go bowling last night but Mark had a bit too much Thursday nite so we are going tonight. We will leave here around three o'clock. Bowl for two hours, eat dinner and then bowl two more and be home about ten or so. It is 15 and the sun is blazing...its beautiful outside today and the birds are on all the feeders. Well, I'm taking my camera and hopefully Mark will take some nice pictures and I will post tomorrow. Have a great day I sure am!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Isn't this beautiful...was so freaking cold ice crystals growing on windows of my "plant room" which is converted "air lock". It is insulated and heated and I grow flowering plants all years long plus I have two parakeets out there. But these were so beautiful...enlarge to get better look...........

This is the cage Mark built for WooWee my injured Pine Grosebeck we had for almost a year before she passed. The front is two sliding panels of plexiglass. The green one is Rocket and he is my pretty boy and the blue name yet. Gonna get them a gal or two pretty soon.

Ok, so by the time I rolled out of bed it warmed a bit....ha ha ha. It' been a warm 30 for the last two days with snow finally. I mean I have about three feet on the ground, but did you know, it CAN be to cold to snow?!! Is that bizzare, I never knew that until I moved up here. With the 40mph winds we were having the wind chill was -40 or more, going outside was dangerous. I drove to Iron River and my car never did get that warm. Kept my sukaluki on and those gloves, thank goodness for my new Columbia Snow Trex boots :-) they are rated to -32, poor Marks little Plymouth just didnt want to go in the cold weather. He couldn't put enough Heet in the gas tank. Finally its running better, of course its warmer too. But as they say, hey, winter is just beginning....