Friday, August 27, 2010

September is just around the corner!

We had an empty 10 gallon fish tank on the deck with about 6" of rain water in it with various bugs floating on the surface. This American Gold Finch thought he could swim, obviously he cannot and Mark found him just about dead. With some gentle words and lots of gentle rubbing with clean dry towel, it took him about an hour to rally. He eventually ate from my hand and then we opened the door and he flew off.
My lovely giant full blossoming HollyHocks. I had in a single, paler pink and another full headed white. I am so happy with these. I think we are going to make an area out front on the left side of front porch a small garden. I am transplanting the roses, asiatic lillies, daffodils and plant a bunch of hollyhock seeds in the back. Hope this new little planting works out well. I have to totally dig up my fairy circle and divide all the iris and asiatic lillies. Plus Mark is going to rototil and get rocks out and all the weeds. Kind of a new beginning for the fairy circle.

Just one days picking...he bush beans are about done and the Kentucky Wonder pole beans haven't even flowered yet, well, I think I saw the hints of some. But those sugar snap peas just keep on acomin.....

I know this looks terrible. The third time I had surgery on the same area, they just kept taking more. Basil cell carcinoma rarely is malignant and rarely if ever matastisizes but it is very invasive. I have lost part of my upper lip on the right side. Part of what you see used to be on the inside of my mouth. This photo was taken about two days after surgery, the black eye hasn't even started to show yet. I had the stitches taken out on Thursday. We will wait a year to see what it looks like. Major bummer is that I cannot close mouth totally and have to use a straw to drink. I know this is a no no for bariatic patients but is the only way I can drink without wearing half of what I attempt to swallow. I massage it with very good lotion three times a day to soften the scar tissue so I don't have a hard lump. There is also a bit of excess tissue at bottom of right side of mouth. Oh well, will see what it looks like in a year.
I wish my hair would stop falling out, pretty soon I wont have any at all. Double and then bariatric at that. Hard to get all the nutrients in the beginning when you don't feel the least bit interested in food. I am taking a biotin supplement for hair and nails, my nails are growing like crazy but I will do what I can for the hair. What is growing back is pure white and very wirey...uh oh......
Well, I just cleaned the kitchen floor after finding wet area behind freezer, smells like mushrooms. I steam cleaned it real well but still smells. Mark will have to check out tomarrow. I baked him some peanut butter cookies as a little surprise for when he gets up in the early a.m. I am going up to take another shower, all sweaty after cleaning and stuff.
Hope you all have a great weekend. I am going to be dyeing lots of fabric...hopefully in fall colors. Kat from the Alley Kat told me she sold all my hand dyes and wants more and is planning on taking some to her booth she will have at the Marquette quild show. I better get with it and send in my entry form...due on the 31st!!! Yikes!!!!!!