Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26th

I did all these photos opposite, oh well. this was in the mail from "daddy". He made Tori this beautiful milo (rare hawaiian hard wood, sells by the pound not board of linerar foot). The hair is absolutely scarry. Spent hours this a.m. brushing out and braiding...she says this does not happen on Kauai...guess it is so dry here or something.
Off to the mail box...wonder if there is any goodie for Tori from her daddy. Snow Snow Snow
Tori collects porcelin dolls, this is her third. I got at a thrift shop for her. She is quite lovely. I will box up all her Christmas stuff and mail back to Hawaii. Doesn't need to go to California and get lost.....ah.....that hair!!!!!!!!!!!
The walk was about a mile in deep snow but was weel worth it. Now we want to go when the spring flood is on. There is a very nice fenced in board walk after you get to parking lot. Needless to say, they didn't plow the road down to the parking lot.....
Here we are at the top of the road at Bond Falls. The first thing Tori did was flop in the snow, she only is wearing jeans, not her snow suit. She is wearing my old sukuluki...she will take back to Kauai with her. She loves it! She loves the snow! Maybe when she gets a little older she will want to come back to ski.
The weather is funky today, about 22 with light misty rain, with more rain to come before it starts to rain sleet and then more snow. We are going to Iron Mountain cause Mark has big messy house project and he wants to get rid of us. Hopefully I can take her to a mantinee or something. More later...........