Friday, March 27, 2009

Scarf "before" being felted

Okay, so here it is...after I took this photo we went into MaryLynn's and felted it. I made the baubles too I am going to go back, retie each one smaller and the re felt just the bottom areas. I really like the way the alpaca felted so I do not want to change the main section of the scarf. I am now working on a bag using two colors at the same time on curved needles, boy, are they weird at first but I like them. I stayed up Wednesday night and knitted the 22" I needed for the bag. While we were up in Ewen yesterday, I bought some very pretty yarn...70% wool and 30% soy...sure hope it felts well. It s Patons SWS (soy wool stripes) the color is "natural plum"...will be part of another bag I have in mind....yikes!!!! now I am buying wool and alpaca and different yarns and needles and.....Yikes!!! is all I can say. I am pretty beat, was Mark's sister in laws 49th birthday, we went up to Ewen but they partied hard. Sheri, Richard and Mark left for the bar at 1230 and didn't get home until 5 a.m. ... they went to one of Sheri's friends they met at the bar, sooooooooooooo glad I didn't go with them because I wouldn't have been a very happy camper. Needless to say, Mark feels like dodo today.... big smile. He is up in bed. I am going to take a shower and read a book I bought on different surface design techniques. My dye group wants another class but something different. Oh well, I am a bit pooped out myself but I don't drink, so I am just tired.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Progress in the kitchen

This is how the cupboards where(are), the windows were painted shut, this is only one that opens after much scraping. The counter top was from the fifties and the floor, was, well, horrific with a seam in the center that was volcanoing, a real trip factor!
This is a totally new addition, the drawers were where the counter top attaches to the other one. I love these black hinges and handles, we put theses in the house in Kauai. The floor looks like sandstone, beautiful.
This is the new sink and counter top with sanded and repainted cabinets and drawers. Notice the three hinges on the larger doors. These are real hardwood cabs and are heavy and two hinges just don't cut it. They didn't fit properly, so Mark cut them 1/4"
It is hard to tell, but the kitchen is painted a very pretty pale yellow. You can tell it is not white due to white stove and vent. I am so happy with what Mark has done so far. He attacks one side at a time. He has to smooth the walls out with drywall mud before he can really get going. He still has the uppers to deal with. I am lovin' my new kitchen.
We didn't really change that much but that additional counter top and new floor and fixing those old doors makes such a difference. Plus he replaced the door from kitchen to back porch which lets alot more light into the kitchen.
Almost on my last skein on scarf. When I went to class MaryLynn had made one this past week and felted it and it turned out really really nice. I cannot wait to get mine felted. I plan to have it all knitted by Wednesday and then we will felt it at her place. Better get back to work upstairs. I am cutting out more pieces for my black and hand dyed WOW plus I try and do a bit of knitting everyday.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rainbow Farms

This about sums it up for these cute critters. They can spit at you if you really really annoy them but they tend mostly to spit at each other.
This guy always has alfalfa on his head...he likes his food. These are the GUYs
Another cutie, one of the girls I think.
Some more of the girls. The yarn I am using to make my shawl is alpaca but is from Peru. I am going to buy some of Mary Lynn's when it comes in. I am going to buy white, then do the "Shibori" scarf again, but after binding with the rubber bands and before felting I will hand dye the scarf. I think it will turn out awesome!!!!!! Mark took these pictures while I was inside talking with Mary Lynn; he thinks they are really kool.
I am really stoked with the knitting I have done so far. I know you are supposed to wrap the yarn around your fingers and then with the index finger wrap around needle, but my fingers will not cooperate, I have found a method that works just fine for me. I will try and photo what I have done so far tomorrow and then post it. We have been enjoying some very nice weather, it was up to 42 today and I was outside without a coat or gloves but Mark says we will still get another two feet of snow. I just hate this part when things are melting and it is all brown and muddy. The gas company really tore up my yard, terrible! I am calling them Monday to complain. I hear they will be back in the spring and they will lay new sod and fix whatever they screwed up...but I am going to call and make sure. It is a real mess out there!
The kitchen is coming along. Mark got the built in cabs done today. He just has to shorten the drawers tomorrow. Then I guess he needs to paint and put down the rubber base along the floor. He can only work on one wall at a time. He has to remove the old wall paper before he can paint. I am very happy with the results so far. Yeah Mark!