Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beautiful Kauai

Tori in the pool at neighbor, Pam's. We had so much fun this day. Love my little mermaid.

For the May Day celebration, Tori is playing the "Ipu";a hollow goard that makes a very nice sound when slapped or pounded on ground.

Latest photo of me, 130# gone.Feeling good and looking better everyday. This has been a long hard journey.

Going to give a doll class here on Kauai, the Sat. before I leave hope for 10 students, will see how it goes. More Kauai photos tocome.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Mark thought this was a "kingfisher" and I looked up in our bird book and it is actually a "banded king fisher". Yeah...its road kill but this bird was fresh, must of just happened. Its eyes were still clear and intact. It was sort of a foggie morning and we found it on the bridge that goes over the Paint River on Hiway 69 (which we call the potatoe road cause that's where the potatoe farms are).

It was a beautiful bird, this one is a male by its markings. Poor guy, was probably just up, looking for something to eat, or something for his mate, if he'd found one already. I am sure he was gone very many birds of prey here. But kinda sad.

Our birds are very busy. I think they have all paired up by now, building nests, eating like little pigs. The darn grackles are here and starlings, but not in the numbers we have seen in previous years, may be they didnt make it thru all those storm systems. They would have had to fly right thru them. I dont care for the grakles cause they eat everything in sight, not leaving much for the other birds but they do airate the lawn quite well. When there are huge flocks of them, you go outside and it looks like someone dragged one of those metal barrel with spikes to airate your lawn with, but they get the bugs and ticks and other creepy crawlies...not that there are that many here.

One thing I dred about going back to Kauai....the BUGS...not just bugs but really BIG BUGS and centipedes that get ove 7" long and almost an inch wide. CREEPY!!!!!! But! the ocean the ocean the ocean....makes it all worth it. With rising gas prices, last I heard a week or so ago, $4.60/gal on son was going to let me use his little Honda, well, I cant really afford the gas to go far, so I told him...I get a bus pass. He told me, he's going to buy me and Victoria a bus pass and we can ride to our hearts content. Weekends I guess we will head for the Northshore, cannot go there during the week cause I have to be back in Kalaheo in time to get Tori from school. My main job on Kauai for the next 6 weeks is to spend time with Victoria and help her out. She is really smart but has the attention span of a knat......

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...about that two piece I was making. I sorely underestimated the mass of my breasts, it was pathetic trying to fit them in :-( But, I think the bottoms will be okay. I think I am just going to rubberband and dye and then overdye an athletic bra I have and use as a top. More fabric there than most bathing suit tops. I wont need to be taking any vitamin D while I am on Kauai that is for sure.

Well, I have so much to do in the next week. For those on Kauai, see you real soon. Everyone else, take care and have a great week. Will post before I leave. Oh! OH! Big news....I fit into two pair of my size 14 pair is Ralph Lauren and the other some other fancy brand, these are the really good used jeans I got in Austin. I think I bought about 8 or 9 pair for about $32. But I am in size 14 jeans and a large top....used to be 28 stretch pants and 4X shirts. I will probably cut up my big aloha shirts and make into something, some are kool vintage fabric. Will recycle them into something fun. Again aloha nui loa to all.