Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yeah...Im done!!!!

I am finally done with my radiation treatments for squamous cell skin cancer on my face :-) I had 31 treatments, 5 days a week. It was absolutely grueling and the right side of mouth/cheek is so sore, red and swollen but I am happy that the treatments are over. I have several big owies in my mouth but hopefully within the next week they will finally heal. I cannot believe how tired it has made me but today I forced myself to do some stuff.
I finally planted a half pound of garlic you realize how many cloves are in a half pound of garlic? Alot! The other night I separated all the cloves and got ready for planting. Then yesterday I added compost to soil, turned (ugh) and then planted. Today I used some gauze I had and laid down on top of area planted...dumped lots and lots of dried leaves and then covered with gauze and laid down a bunch of wooden stakes on top so it all doesn't get blown away. I am stoked to have this chore done. I love fresh garlic, bulbs smaller than in store but so much more flavorful and alot of oil....sooooooooooo good.
Today I spent hours in the raspberry patch...pruning the plants to about 3-4' and then cutting out all the dead wood. Last year I somehow forgot to cut out all the dead wood and it was a nightmare. So............this year I got it done. Got most of debris out of yard, but Mark bailed, so wheel barrow full, needs to be dumped and then I can get rest of stuff out of yard.
These where two big jobs I needed to get done. I am feeling wiped out but very satisfied I completed these two chores :-)
Now, tomorrow would be great if I spend some time in my sewing room which I have been neglecting lately...all I did was get treatment and come home and crawl into bed. I still need to be careful and take care of myself but I want to hang out in my sewing room. I am not happy with the head I did for my mermaid doll. She is being made out of some hand dyed lite green fabric and I feel I use too dark of colors when I did her I was using white or off white fabric. I think the colors should be more subtle and maybe use greens........doesn't look natural. Will see how it goes. If I can sew head and get it stuffed and sculpted tomorrow I would be happy.
The last two days have been beautiful....sunny but about 45. It gets down to the 20s at night, need to get my concord grapes into house, basement for now. We are hoping to insulate and heat front porch area. It will be like a big green house for me...Mark doesnt realize it yet but that is what I want to use the area for, lots of plants. He is going to put a 10=12" ledge below all the windows. Will be a great place to start the veggies this spring.
Well, that's it for now