Saturday, November 29, 2008

almost december!!!!!!

Well here I am, started to snow a little again Thanksgiving day, just enough for Mark to shovel the walk way and path to garage.
I love the looks so much better than dead grass don't you think.
Okay, here are a dozen blocks out the 72 needed for our wow bed quilt. Isn't it amazing? I am so glad i decided to float the colors on black, and that is Kaufman kona "premium" black which I have run out of and need to order more of from e-quilter. I have all 36 of the black center ones and 6 of the colored center with a dozen more black petals pinned to color center and that is it for now. I have some other stuff I need to work on anyway. But I have really enjoyed working on this one. I have some neat ideas for the quilting too.
This is a thread painting I started in the summer of 2002 and finished it 2 weeks ago. I am just going to stretch it and frame it. Turned out okay. This is all free motion straight stitch with feed dogs down.
These two wall hangings are from that Love Is book. They were really fun to do. Christmas gifts I think.
This is another hand embroidery I made for a Christmas gift. I just got into this hand embroidery jag. I really enjoyed myself. I want to do more. In fact, I have one I really love but need a bunch of DMC pearl cotton and they don't sell around here. Maybe the Ben Franklin up in Marquette does...more like a really nice quilt/craft shop than any Ben Franklin I have been in. No flat fold at this place.
In two weeks we will be driving down to Chicago to spend the day/night with Libby for her 21st birthday and then the next day........Victoria!!!!! I am so darn excited! I know it is going to be alot of work. I haven't taken care of an 8 year old kid for a very long time but I have been collecting projects and maybe, me and Tori will go to Marquette on our own, they have a Micheal's there...craft heaven...and pick some stuff up. Just looking through that place should tucker both of us out. I have to do all her Christmas shopping (her daddy will send me the money he would of spent on her) I haven't a clue! I haven't been with her for almost two years and she has grown and changed a bit. I think I will tell her we are going "window shopping" so she can help Santa out on what he might be getting her. So much to do and running out of time. Our guild Christmas party is Thursday night (making my turkey enchiladas) I am making some cute pressies for the active members...the ones who totally bust it out for all the charity projects we do. There is this one cute ol gal, i asked if anyone wanted to make Christmas stockings for the troops...i got info from a list I belong to...well, on her own she made 32!!!! Well, I better scoot and get in gear. Have a great weekend everybody!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

button3.jpg (image)

button3.jpg (image)

Okay, Dana at Old Red Barn is giving away, three, I tell you three very lovely quilts. Just go to her blog and make a comment and you could win one of these lovelies.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday November 10th

Well, no photo today, camera is being cleaned and repaired. Should be home in less than a week or so. I sure do miss that thing, I guess I took way more photos than I thought. But, it is snowing, snowing and more snow. I thought it was just going to be a couple more days of light dusting but it hasnt stopped snowing since last night. Only a couple of days of none snow and then more snow. I really wanted to get all the leaves out of the least they are in big piles.

I have been doing some hand embroidery for Christmas gifts, finishing up old projects. One was a thread painting of a yellow hibiscus I started on Kauai in 2002 and I just finished it Thursday. It was fun, I think I am going to design a new floral one to thread paint. Mark likes them...just straight stitch free motion sewing. I use polyester embroidery thread, can never remember the maker...not the ususal ones you hear about but I really love there product.

Really need to get some quilts done before guests start arriving...cannot have them keeping us awake with their chattering teeth... :-) Looks like winter is here. The hunters will be happy with the snow, opening day is on Saturday.

Will blog latter on in the week. Hope everyone is well and keeping safe. Aloha nui loa....