Sunday, February 17, 2008

my boys

ahhhhhhhhhh....arent they cute....i just couldnt help posting another picture of my cute grandson...elton looks so happy to me in this picture. he is a super dad!

snow snow snow...we are to get about 10" in the next 72 hours! looks like i will be sew sew sewing. i do NOT go out in the snow, not when it is snowing like this. i cut out lots of pieces for my wheels of mystery quilt, but i was thinking, for a change, i am going to cut out the 11 background blocks i need for the butterfly blocks and if i can get all the antennae sewn on i will be happy. i have 7 or 8 sets of bodies done, so this could be a short sweet project.'

going to call gammill tomarrow to see if my machine arrived and if it did what the best possible senario would be. of course a brand new gammill premeire plus would be great but i dont know if that is in the near future.

mark made his wonderful lagsana tonight...yummy...made the red sauce yesterday/last night and put the whole thing together today. i made a huge salad. what i dont eat tonight i can eat for a couple days. i love salad for breakfast!

cant wait to sew tomarrow, may be a very productive day!
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

after high winds and 40 below

that little branch poking up thru the snow is my little blue spruce. the wind drifted already exsisting snow plus more that feel over last saturday and sunday...i took the photo on monday. it has been lightly snowing since last night and looks like valentines day will diffenately be white! gonna make my honey a special dinner and make him a new durag from some kool fabric i got. i need to venture out to get some stuff forthe dinner and am a little nervous, there is a big hill that dumps onto major highway, hopefully it will be well salted and sanded.

yesterday joined fellow guild members for a "stitch n bitch" gathering. i worked on cutting out more pieces for my wheel of mystery top. i think i will keep the whole thing 6" blocks but am going to start on o 12" block...will be 10 x 10, so 120" square or 96" will measure bed and see. i am excited on starting on the bigger one, that should go more quickly and give me something between the little blocks. will photo when i have four of the big blocks done to give an idea of what it will look like.

the squirrels have eaten thru two heavy duty trash cans. one i replaced with a metal one and that has worked great but now i need to get another one to replace the other. you think they would get a sore tummy from the plastic. i think of them as huge fluffy rats, not my favorite critters but i do love the chipmunks...they must go underground, havent seen one this to defeat the deer which will require some major fencing.
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White Pine Bluegrass Jam

That is my super yooper, Mark, on the right witht the banjo. Does this other guy look like John Voigt or what? He is a guitar player from Conner just up the road from Rhinelander. Lots of music was played and was fun. Many many fiddle players, lots of guitars, one bass fiddle, three banjos and of course Mark was the best, wierd thing, not one mandolin which there are usually alot. Hmmmm..... where is Marty when ya need him. We left after the jam straight into a blizzard with whiteout conditions. Pretty darn sacrry for this Kauai gal. We drove about 25mph and slower most of the way home. This weekend there is "klondike Days" a logging fair but there is predictions for more so, so, i think we are gonna pass on that one.
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Friday, February 8, 2008

just another friday

today just took care of some business but tomarrow we are off to Rhinelander and other parts of Wisconcin. We will stop off at a model train shop, Sew Smart, and some other places before we attend the White Pine Jamboree...a bluegrass should be fun and i will take some photos of our day to share. it is supposed to get real cold in the next couple of days, there is talk of -40 with wind chill....yikes....time to stay indoors for me.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


this is one of the kitties i am making these days. they are made of 100% wool. the eyes, nose and mouth are done with wool roving by needle is alot of fun. the whiskers and other details are pearl cotton. I have made three more fronts and am working on more. mark wants to know when i will put the others together, i am having so much fun just making the fronts. when i get a bunch made i will have to post a group shot. my favorite kitty...quiet, doesnt get into my stash....very good kitty
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wheels of mystery

Here is a photo of my work in progress. I love this pattern and hope to make several of these quilts. The fabri used is this wonderous flannel i bought in San Diego in 2006. It is a multi color autumn leaf desing and then the solid black. Right now it is six blocks wide and eight blocks long. I love the illusion of movement this block gives. Each block is square but is make of all curved pieces when put together make inter connecting circles. Kool huh....
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New Grandchild

This is my new grandson, Max, with his dad Elton and mom Aimee. He was born on August 4th and is as cute as they come. They are living in Salt Lake City but Elton hopes to move his family to Kauai in the near future where it is much warmer and he can make a better the lure of the warm Pacific which he has missed alot. Elton is an extremely exceptional waterman and excells in big wave surfing, paddle board races and long distance swimming. Elton hopes to marry Aimee one day soon. I am so happy for my son. My seven year old grand daughter, Victoria, will be very happy to have Max living close. She has wanted a baby brother, but her daddy, Mikko has told her that wont be happening any time soon if ever, so now, she will have baby Max. Mikko is Elton's younger brother who has continued to live on Kauai keeping the home fires burning. I miss my boys and grand babies.
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february 6th

the sun is out but it is still chilly, about 25 today with a little wind.

i am about to go to my sewing room and work some more on my "wheel of mystery" or as some of my students called it "wheels of misery"...i love curved piecing and no...i do not paper piece. if anything makes me feel more retarded, it is paper piecing, i dont know what it is about paper piecing that does that to me. my blocks are 6" finished and there are a dozen pieces per block all curved...yipee...i found templates that range in size from 3,6,8,9&12". i was thinking maybe i would buy the 8 and 12 since they divide into the size made by the 6s. smaller in center and larger as go out to edge. if i really wanted a bit of insanity i guess i could do a 3" border but that is way too much to think about at this time...the piecing goes slowly. i try and do about eight blocks at a time, that way i can put them together and add them onto the ever enlarging top. in between might work on a mini wall hanging just to break it up a bit. plus i bought a really kool purse pattern from keepsake
well, better go climb those stairs......

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

some may be wondering about the "finnishwahine". i am of finnish heritage and wahine means girl/woman in hawaiian. i am very pround of my finnish heritage and we fly the finn flag at our house. of all the ethnic groups here in da UP the finns seem the most willing to put it out there. we see full on flag polls with huge finn flags flying in their yards...that is a goal to one day have one of the big flagpoles in our yard.

tuesday, february 5th

when i first got together with mark, my super yooper, i jokingly told friends "he spoke english but it was like living with a foreighner" see, i was raised in so. cal. and then spent the last 35 years on the westside of kauai...all the men i knew where "surfers" or "boatbrains" or both and frankly, mark doesn's care one bit for the ocean, surfers or boats. i am a water mama...could spend literally hours in the warm pacific and am happy on a boat either fishing (trolling) or watching the humpback whales. the upper penninsula is sort of isolated like kauai...on the top of wisconcin surrounded by three of the great lakes, superior, michigan and huron and then there are the hundreds or thousands of lakes with in da UP itself not to mention the i am still surrounded by water. the big plus is, we can get in the car and drive for days if we chose. both of us love to travel so this is really exciting and have some fun trips planned. we just got back from clear lake, iowa but that is another tale to tell.