Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday

Well, another week is ending here in da UP. Aren't my morning glories glorious?!! I was hoping for some blue ones, I bought at a nursery. Mark stapled some chicken wire to the fence so they can climb up the fence more easily, I will plant them much closer to the fence next year. You can barely see the lupins I grabbed...they look very stragely but they will drop their seeds and we will have some nice ones next year. There was a traffic triangle a couple blocks from the house, we had never seen them and now we know why...they decided to only mow once this summer to save money...they mowed them down in full bloom and left all the other wild weeds. I am so angry, they could have let them go to seed...creeps....
Here is my little garden. I have brocolli and red cabbage and brussel sprouts and green beans. They handled the frost way better than the tomatoes but they are coming around too. We have such a short season up here.
Who would of thought a week ago we would have a pet snake...Snakee (but I call him Lucky, cause I ran out of gas in the lawn mower and was just about to refill when I saw this green wiggly thing in the grass). Bought him a 10 gallon fish tank, Jayde dug up a section of lawn just the right size, a few other goodies and he is a happy happy a snake can be in a big fish tank. He will only get 12 to 20 inches. He is a "smooth green snake" but some people call them grass snakes cause of their color. But there is a real grass snake and he isn't half as cute as Snakee.
Well...we are off to the store. The weather has been glorious and the Pentoga Lake is WARM. I got out year pass so I can go swimming as much as I like. Very nice place. Next time I go I will take pictures. Later..............

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4th and the sun shined today!

Well after many days of cold we have had two warm and beautiful days. It is funny what I now consider warm and was in the 60's today which used to be my winter temps. No longies today! :-)
The above photo was taken by Mark a couple weeks ago. The weather was deary and we had spent the whole weekend indoors so I pried Mark out of the house for a little drive and we ended up at Paint River Boardwalk right here in town. It is very nice and I thought this photo exceptional. I even had it printed to an 8x10 so we can hang on wall.
The garden is in and we are still getting frost here and there, but so far, it look like everything is hanging in there.
I go up to Marquette tomorrow for a dye class I am giving on Saturday. I cannot believe all the junk I have to take. I decided we will mix the gallons of soda ash first thing in class...a bit of exercise for everyone. All the dye will be mixed and in bottles with yorker spouts and extra quarts of the more popular colors. I have to mix the dye first thing tomorrow morning. But I will have everything else ready and packed. I have made myself a list that I can check off as Mark loads the car. We will sent Saturday night so we can noodle around Marquette on Sunday. I will be pooped for sure. Monday I probably won't do much of anything. Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.