Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4th and the sun shined today!

Well after many days of cold we have had two warm and beautiful days. It is funny what I now consider warm and was in the 60's today which used to be my winter temps. No longies today! :-)
The above photo was taken by Mark a couple weeks ago. The weather was deary and we had spent the whole weekend indoors so I pried Mark out of the house for a little drive and we ended up at Paint River Boardwalk right here in town. It is very nice and I thought this photo exceptional. I even had it printed to an 8x10 so we can hang on wall.
The garden is in and we are still getting frost here and there, but so far, it look like everything is hanging in there.
I go up to Marquette tomorrow for a dye class I am giving on Saturday. I cannot believe all the junk I have to take. I decided we will mix the gallons of soda ash first thing in class...a bit of exercise for everyone. All the dye will be mixed and in bottles with yorker spouts and extra quarts of the more popular colors. I have to mix the dye first thing tomorrow morning. But I will have everything else ready and packed. I have made myself a list that I can check off as Mark loads the car. We will sent Saturday night so we can noodle around Marquette on Sunday. I will be pooped for sure. Monday I probably won't do much of anything. Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Liz said...

Dye class sound like fun. I love hand dyed fabric.pyerom

cinnamongirl93 said...

I am going to try my hand at dying yarn with.......coolaid! Wish me luck!
It's been cool here too. Come on heat!!!!!

Tipper said...

Love love the photo of the bridge. Glad you're finally warming up some!

Lisa Boyer said...

I guess I forgot to comment when I read this the first here it is! A comment! Summer is here and it's been a little hot, but then, a little cool, and a little rainy. A bit of everything.

Things are closing up around here like crazy because of the economy. Our favorite restaurant (Shaka Taco) just closed and we are bummed. Safeway is getting new and modern...but what a mess while they're doing it. On the lighter side, with less tourists, traffic is lighter! But sad for businesses around here.

We're all doing fine, except I've been sort of sick lately and I can't figure out why. Went to the doctor, but he has no idea I have to see a gastroenterologist soon. There's only one on the island, so it'll be a while before I can get an appointment. Hate hate hate feeling weird and not knowing why...but hopefully, it's nothing. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Hope all is well with you and yours! Happy summer--I hope you get some warmth very soon.