Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23 2009

I will try and upload a better photo tomorrow, but this is what I made in my felt class I took on Saturday, the gal teaching is named Janell and is the receptionist at my Dr's!!! Anyway, it was a fun class and instead of using the expensive roving for the whole thing, she had this great, dense, "raw" wool that we made the bodies out of and then felted the nice pretty roving on the outside. A way better technique and much easier. Now I just need to find a nice fat bag of raw wool somewhere...
We went to Green Bay today, stopped at this neat ol dinner for lunch in Beecher and then back on the road. Cheech and Chong were great! Alot, well mostly, their old stuff but updated. At the end when they had everyone sing "up in smoke", they yelled to the audience, pull out your cell phones, so instead of lighters or candles they were waving over their heads with the music their cell phones open and there were all these little was so funny.
On Thursday, Sue and I completed the whole Shop Hop in one day...six shops...three in Michigan and three in the time we got to the last one I couldn't think I went back. The owner was there and remembered me from Thursday, so she let me scratch off a card, got 25% off, and bought a "paper piece" pattern for this cardinal wall hanging. Its a kit that has most of the fabric and one set of the papers, I thought you would get enough to do the whole thing but I need to copy more...was a little confused with that did say on the package that you got the papers you needed for the project...anyway....maybe I will work on that this week just for the sheer fun of it. I love cardinals!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10th, 2009

Victoria went to one of my guild quilting Wednesdays and learned how to baste a quilt. She really did a super job!
My friend Sue beside Tori as she takes a stitch.
Tori is still stitchin' away and having good conversation with the other ladies around the frame too.
Tori is holding the frame underneath as they stretch it after it has been rolled. She had such a wonderful time and the ladies really enjoyed her company too. We didn't go the rest of the time she was here, and the ladies who showed up the following week were disappointed Tori wasn't there. But she will return this summer and we will go to at least one gathering.
I am upset with the post office, i sent three boxes on Jan 14. One to Max in SLC and he got it in three days but the box to Mikko and the other to Victoria are still lost in space. I went to the post office and was told tough titties since I didn't buy a delivery confirmation. It is so weird that BOTH packages to Hawaii are missing. One I could maybe understand, but BOTH!!!!!!!! Hopefully they will turn up soon.
It is 42 and rainy and everything is slick as glass. But it is supposed to snow in the next day or two so all this yukky brown slush and ice will get covered up with a pretty new blanket of snow. The new squirrel preventers are working like a charm 4" x 5' sheet metal heating duct material. They cannot get their little fingernails into it and cannot wrap their arms the 4" width...yippee... nothing makes me smile more than a yard of frustrated squirrels.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3rd 2009

We did eat at "Carlos O'Kelly's" this year and the food was excellent. When it said it was hot it was really really hot. Made Mark's eyes water and that is how he likes it...and yes, there is a Carlos O"Kelly.
This is Ken and Joan, he is 70 and she is 60 and they won the dance contest two years in a row. They are such a joy to watch together, they are so cute! We had a wonderful time at the 50th anniversary of the Winter Dance Party, our favorite act for the three days was John Mueller's Winter Dance Party...they were so good! We think we might go to Green Bay next year which is a weekend earlier but closer and shorter. Would like to see Clear Lake/Mason City in the summer!
Found the best quilt shop, Country Threads in Garner, they were the very first shop on the cover of the Quilt Sampler Magazine in 1995, kool huh. Was really a great place and they have quilt camp in the winter time.
Need to get into the sewing room tomorrow. It has taken me two days to get the laundry done and put away and just resting after the grueling weekend.