Saturday, May 22, 2010

A little of this, a little of that......

These are purple finches, aren't they lovely? This is the view when I look up from my computer. I get to see lots of beautiful birds...all year long...I love it!
Here is my beautiful petunia I kept inside this winter and it has bloomed for my throughout the colder months. In another week or two I think I will let it go outside for the summer and get more green and robust hopefully before I bring in back in before the first frost. Over my kitchen sink.

I cannot tell if I look smaller in this photo, but I have lost almost 60# and those pants are a 2X vs the 4X I was wearing prior to surgery. Same with shirts...from 4X to 2X and the 2Xs are getting pretty baggy. In the background to the right, is our rock garden. Also where I have my hollyhocks and some lupines. Cannot wait for them to bloom. They didn't bloom last year, just grew, this year I start getting the flowers. Yipee! Hope it is a little nicer tomarrow so we can work in the backyard. Need to get the bunny fence up before we can plant garden. Bunny fence already around the blueberries.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 8th 2010 SNOW!!!!!

We got 4" of very heavy wet snow last night. My raspberries have suffered a bit, many broken. The sun is out so most of this will be melted by tonight. I have lost a little over 50# in this photo. Those pants are 18/20s down from 26/28s(size 4x) and that is a 2X t-shirt. I have some shirts I will shrink out of that I will be sad about cause I love them so much. Will have to modify and make smaller. Notice the zories and sun glasses? :-) Posted by Picasa

Detail of Tori's quilt...see the kitty

Can you see the Kitty? They run around the around the top and bottom in two rows. They are cute. There are also paw prints and all sorts of fun stuff. Mikko really liked the quilting . All done from the front of my gammill. I am trying to do more custome type quilting but without a stitch regulator, I need to slow the machine way down and just be careful. I wanted to just retro fit a stith regulator to my machine but they discontinued the one I wanted. Now it is the Vision and woud cost $5000, something I do not have. One can wish and hope, I suppose. Posted by Picasa

S's quilt...Prizamatic

This is a pattern by Jeri of Jeri's Quilt's in Norway, Michigan. They have viking ships at each end of town. When Tori was here, she wanted to get in them, but it was winter and the snow was deep. Maybe when she comes for the summe one year.....Tori says S doesn't like surprises, well, if she checks out my blog she will not be surprised. I will be mailing next Wednesday. I am also sending her Tori's label for her quilt and Mikko thought S would sew on for her. The day is simply was yesterday. The whole week is supposed to be hot, up to maybe 78 by Thursday. I am stoked! Have a great week! Posted by Picasa

Tori's Kitty Quilt

Tori got her quilt in the mail and has told me how much she loves it. Mikko really likes the quilting. It was all done from the front of the machine. I should of taken notes on what I did where cause I forgot, and just chanced it and it all turned out okay. Their and kitty paw prints and Kitty faces and all sorts of fun stuff. I am sorry this one post is spaced out into three but I blogged the photos from picasa and that is the only way I know how. Anyway the quilt was a hit!Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

one more time

I abosolutely love this photo of S and V. I am going to print it out at least 5 x 7.
Very nice pic of M and S. I just wish I had a really nice pic of M, S and V together, but somebody has to take the picture :-)
V absolutely loved the kitty quilt I made for her. I really need to make her a queen size for her bed, but I loved this quilt and the fabrics in it. Just a snuggle quilt. It is flannel so she will probably sleep on top of it rather than under it cause it is so warm on Kauai.
I asked M and S what kind of quilt they would like as wedding gift. S didn't care, said anything would be great. M is a bit more specific. The design is up to me but the entire quilt, including back has to be made completely of my hand dyes. I have a top in mind and will dye the fabrics especially for the purpose. After a couple of dye classes I can order some bolts of PFD mercerized bleached cotton and start dyeing. This will be fun!!!!
The lamp in my thermofax has burned out...whahhhhh....$85 just for the bulb. Will have to figure how to put in. Made some screens using my print goco which uses old fashion flash bulbs. We went thru 2 1/2 paks and then found out they are $29.95 per pak to replace. Boy! I hope those screens work out. I tore away the cardboard and put the screens in the small thermofax frames so they would be reuseable. Need to make some fabric paint and try them out. I would prefer using the thermofax for classes.
The birds disappeared when it snowed but they are back full force emptying the feeders as fast as we can fill them. My favs are the robins and the rare northern flicker that visits our yard. I just love the varity of birds here. So many.............