Monday, January 18, 2010

I am 60?!!!! today!

I cannot believe that I turned 60 years old today...hard to believe...seems only yesterday my boys were just babies and I was a young woman. Now.......
I really need to photograph and post pictures of projects I have worked on lately. I finished three quilt tops around Christmas, I still need to go into the basement and spend some quality time with my gammil to get them done. I finally finished the "quilt" afgan I started last year. I made Max Batman sheets and jammies and just need to finish his Batman quilt. His mom says she has a hard time getting him out of his jammies and into clothes for school. He is so cute!
My beautiful Victoria will be nine years old on the 26th, I am working on something very special for her... I hope she will love it.
We have been having a wierd winter...lots of sunshine with no snow...Mark says this is the least snow he can remember. But, it is only January and late February and March are the worst around here so we are not out of it completely yet. It sure is cold and damp. I prefer the snow cause if is colder but dry. Damp cold goes thru your bones.
I go for my "multidisiplenary" day for my bariatric surgery. I already have had all my preop labs, xrays and ekg. I wonder when they will actually do the surgery. I know this is not a quick fix but I am excited to get on with it. Really need to get a pool lined up. I miss swimmin on a regular basis. Fresh water cannot compare to the ocean but I must make do with what I can.
I will try and get photos tomarrow if possible. I think I am going to put up a desing wall in the basement so I can hang stuff and photograph better. Until then...............