Tuesday, February 5, 2008

tuesday, february 5th

when i first got together with mark, my super yooper, i jokingly told friends "he spoke english but it was like living with a foreighner"...you see, i was raised in so. cal. and then spent the last 35 years on the westside of kauai...all the men i knew where "surfers" or "boatbrains" or both and frankly, mark doesn's care one bit for the ocean, surfers or boats. i am a water mama...could spend literally hours in the warm pacific and am happy on a boat either fishing (trolling) or watching the humpback whales. the upper penninsula is sort of isolated like kauai...on the top of wisconcin surrounded by three of the great lakes, superior, michigan and huron and then there are the hundreds or thousands of lakes with in da UP itself not to mention the rivers...so i am still surrounded by water. the big plus is, we can get in the car and drive for days if we chose. both of us love to travel so this is really exciting and have some fun trips planned. we just got back from clear lake, iowa but that is another tale to tell.

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laurie said...

Aloha Susan,

I found you through google alerts on sewing. It is nice to see a fellow Hawaiian who has relocated to the Mainland to a place where it snows. My family still lives on Oahu and I have a sister who lives in Bountiful, Utah who used to live in Salt Lake City. I live in Central Oregon and the weather is much like you have in Wisconsin. I am still not used to it. My husband works for the Forest Service and we have 2 daughters, one lives in Tacoma, WA and is 23 and she is preparing to go to law school in WA in the fal. My other daughter is 21 and attends a college in So. OR. I love to sew nd make some quilts but make mostly clothes for the 15" - 18 " dolls. We are a bit isolated in the town that I live in and there are some Hawaiians who have moved here. I have a blog that you are welcome to check out. http://sewaloha.wordpress.com