Thursday, February 14, 2008

White Pine Bluegrass Jam

That is my super yooper, Mark, on the right witht the banjo. Does this other guy look like John Voigt or what? He is a guitar player from Conner just up the road from Rhinelander. Lots of music was played and was fun. Many many fiddle players, lots of guitars, one bass fiddle, three banjos and of course Mark was the best, wierd thing, not one mandolin which there are usually alot. Hmmmm..... where is Marty when ya need him. We left after the jam straight into a blizzard with whiteout conditions. Pretty darn sacrry for this Kauai gal. We drove about 25mph and slower most of the way home. This weekend there is "klondike Days" a logging fair but there is predictions for more so, so, i think we are gonna pass on that one.
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