Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Grandchild

This is my new grandson, Max, with his dad Elton and mom Aimee. He was born on August 4th and is as cute as they come. They are living in Salt Lake City but Elton hopes to move his family to Kauai in the near future where it is much warmer and he can make a better the lure of the warm Pacific which he has missed alot. Elton is an extremely exceptional waterman and excells in big wave surfing, paddle board races and long distance swimming. Elton hopes to marry Aimee one day soon. I am so happy for my son. My seven year old grand daughter, Victoria, will be very happy to have Max living close. She has wanted a baby brother, but her daddy, Mikko has told her that wont be happening any time soon if ever, so now, she will have baby Max. Mikko is Elton's younger brother who has continued to live on Kauai keeping the home fires burning. I miss my boys and grand babies.
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Lisa Boyer said...

I didn't know about this! Congrats! Grandma times two! Cute picture, too.