Wednesday, February 6, 2008

february 6th

the sun is out but it is still chilly, about 25 today with a little wind.

i am about to go to my sewing room and work some more on my "wheel of mystery" or as some of my students called it "wheels of misery"...i love curved piecing and no...i do not paper piece. if anything makes me feel more retarded, it is paper piecing, i dont know what it is about paper piecing that does that to me. my blocks are 6" finished and there are a dozen pieces per block all curved...yipee...i found templates that range in size from 3,6,8,9&12". i was thinking maybe i would buy the 8 and 12 since they divide into the size made by the 6s. smaller in center and larger as go out to edge. if i really wanted a bit of insanity i guess i could do a 3" border but that is way too much to think about at this time...the piecing goes slowly. i try and do about eight blocks at a time, that way i can put them together and add them onto the ever enlarging top. in between might work on a mini wall hanging just to break it up a bit. plus i bought a really kool purse pattern from keepsake
well, better go climb those stairs......

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