Thursday, February 14, 2008

after high winds and 40 below

that little branch poking up thru the snow is my little blue spruce. the wind drifted already exsisting snow plus more that feel over last saturday and sunday...i took the photo on monday. it has been lightly snowing since last night and looks like valentines day will diffenately be white! gonna make my honey a special dinner and make him a new durag from some kool fabric i got. i need to venture out to get some stuff forthe dinner and am a little nervous, there is a big hill that dumps onto major highway, hopefully it will be well salted and sanded.

yesterday joined fellow guild members for a "stitch n bitch" gathering. i worked on cutting out more pieces for my wheel of mystery top. i think i will keep the whole thing 6" blocks but am going to start on o 12" block...will be 10 x 10, so 120" square or 96" will measure bed and see. i am excited on starting on the bigger one, that should go more quickly and give me something between the little blocks. will photo when i have four of the big blocks done to give an idea of what it will look like.

the squirrels have eaten thru two heavy duty trash cans. one i replaced with a metal one and that has worked great but now i need to get another one to replace the other. you think they would get a sore tummy from the plastic. i think of them as huge fluffy rats, not my favorite critters but i do love the chipmunks...they must go underground, havent seen one this to defeat the deer which will require some major fencing.
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Lisa Boyer said...

Wow! Amazing pictures!! I just can't believe you're there, dealing with deer and squirrels and snowy roads. It's like another planet--hard to imagine you there! I'm so happy for you.

And it was fun to actually see what Mark looks like! I've never seen him.

Clayton just made a banjo and a mandolin, but didn't know anyone who could play them!

Under The Lychee Tree said...

I loved seeing the family photos. The pictures of the snow is fun to see. Not sure if I miss the snow all that much. I'm wearing an extra pair of socks today, it is 65 degrees here right now burr! Aloha! Keep up the great blogs.