Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rainbow Farms

This about sums it up for these cute critters. They can spit at you if you really really annoy them but they tend mostly to spit at each other.
This guy always has alfalfa on his head...he likes his food. These are the GUYs
Another cutie, one of the girls I think.
Some more of the girls. The yarn I am using to make my shawl is alpaca but is from Peru. I am going to buy some of Mary Lynn's when it comes in. I am going to buy white, then do the "Shibori" scarf again, but after binding with the rubber bands and before felting I will hand dye the scarf. I think it will turn out awesome!!!!!! Mark took these pictures while I was inside talking with Mary Lynn; he thinks they are really kool.
I am really stoked with the knitting I have done so far. I know you are supposed to wrap the yarn around your fingers and then with the index finger wrap around needle, but my fingers will not cooperate, I have found a method that works just fine for me. I will try and photo what I have done so far tomorrow and then post it. We have been enjoying some very nice weather, it was up to 42 today and I was outside without a coat or gloves but Mark says we will still get another two feet of snow. I just hate this part when things are melting and it is all brown and muddy. The gas company really tore up my yard, terrible! I am calling them Monday to complain. I hear they will be back in the spring and they will lay new sod and fix whatever they screwed up...but I am going to call and make sure. It is a real mess out there!
The kitchen is coming along. Mark got the built in cabs done today. He just has to shorten the drawers tomorrow. Then I guess he needs to paint and put down the rubber base along the floor. He can only work on one wall at a time. He has to remove the old wall paper before he can paint. I am very happy with the results so far. Yeah Mark!


Lisa Boyer said...

I am so excited that you are knitting! And you live where you can actually WEAR what you knit! Actually, I have been wearing my sweater every's been cold and windy for weeks now. No one can remember it being this cold and crummy for so long. It's been wool socks and a sweater for me--a great knitting winter on Kauai. So when do we get to see pix of the scarf in progress??? And the kitchen cabs?? You're keeping us in suspense!

Tipper said...

Cute Alpacas! Your kitchen sounds like it will be so nice!!