Friday, July 4, 2008

fourth and wild flowers

This is the path that Mark mows so I can take a nice walk through the apple orchard, into the wood and to the power line trail. The wild flowers are amazing! Tons of raspberries disbursed from our patch by the birds.
Here are some of the flowers we picked today. There is some Queen Anne's Lace; daisies; Indian Paint Brush; sweet clover; buttercups and some stuff we dont know. I want to get a field quide to Michigan's wild flowers. They are sitting in the center of an old glass radar table I got years ago when Mike (late husband) worked at PMRF (pacific missle range facility). Makes a great table and we always put the Christmas tree up on it too.

We are having a very quiet fourth around here. I talked with Victoria this morning. I miss her so much! She would have had such a great time here this summer. Oh well, have to be happy with the thought she will be spending a month her for her Christmas break. Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone!


Liz said...

Glad you enjoyed your quite fourth. I went out and made my first real attempt to photograph fireworks. It worked pretty well! I tagged you on my blog - hope you'll play along.

Tipper said...

Happy late Fourth! I love the wildflowers.

Mary Anne said...

Oh it looks so peaceful and pretty there! I LOVE wildflowers!!! Happy belated 4th of July .... hope it was nice for you!

P.S. thanks for visiting me on my blog ... come back often!

Peaches and Mo-Mando said...

Bo-Banjo and Susan- Lovely website! Looks like you are having HEAPS of fun in Da'U.P.! We miss you bunches! Much aloha xxooo