Monday, March 24, 2008

its snowing....again

can't sleep and the wind is howling and it is really snowing, again. i don't mind too much since i plan on staying in and sewing all day tomarrow but i feel bad for mark...he puts in heating in new homes and has to work outside in this stuff alot. i think he is getting tired of it...i remember when we first met on kauai and he told me how he couldn't wait to move back to da UP and how much he missed the snow and cold...well, he isnt missing it that much any more :-) i will take some pictures tomarrow a.m.

i got eight blocks done, the butterfly ones. they look really nice. tomarrow i have to cut out and sew at least four more butterfly parts. i may make more butterfly blocks to make this quilt bigger than originally intended. will probably work on the wheels one too...wonder when i will ever get that one finished. next time i will use at least a nine inch block vs the six inch...

back upstairs and maybe i can sleep

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