Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I paper piecied!!!!!

I cannot believe that i paper piecedthis thing. Whenever I paper piece it makes me feel so retarded! I did have to take out and redo some areas more than once, but, all in all it turned out great. It was a kit with the little hanger and everything, but the piece of batting and backing was way way too small. I had gotten this apple fabric fq from some exchange. At the time I thought, ugh, what on earth will I ever do with this...taa daa...makes a perfect backing and binding for this little apple quilt. I hope my sil will love it, a thank you gift for letting us stay with them after the hockey game me attending in Houghton at Michigan Tech last Saturday night. Mark, had created a monster!...I love hockey!!! I got us tickets for a playoff game with MNU and Ohio State for this Saturday night and we have tickets on the blue line ON THE GLASS!!!!!! Anyhway, I thought you would get a kick out of something i successfully paper pieced and completed.
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