Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I bought these plants last spring and they were glorious. I have had people tell me, most everybody just tosses them by fall...yikes! i paid $32 for the one on the left, no way, I am throwing them away. I went online and got some info on fuschias...i wacked them to ugly sticks and wintered them on back porch...not insulated but small floor electric heater keeps it around 55-60 (so my pipes for washer doesnt freeze). They slowly started to get new leaves after months...three weeks ago I brought them into the kitchen for a bit warmer climate and this a.m. there was my first bloom of the year! Yeah...it's been snowing like crazy for the past two days but I have fuschias blooming in my kitchen! :-) The other one is very dark pink and purple and big ruffely blooms...quite gorgeous!

Me and a friend, Sue, are supposed to go to Escanaba for a fun day of fabric fondeling and a few purchases. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. It is supposed to stop snowing tonight or tomarrow a.m. Now, up to my sewing room to finish Max's quilt...from a kit and not much piecing but I had fun quilting it. Will post photo(s) latter. Happy sewing to all.
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Lisa Boyer said...

Okay, now I'm jealous. I love fuschias and miss them so much! I used to have a whole flower bed of uprights with hanging ones above. Gosh...I think they're my favorite plant. Beautiful picture!