Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24th

they say it is "spring" but not yet here in da UP! it is supposed to snow again tonight and it is barely 25 outside which is way up from 4 this a.m. i am still trying to remember the time difference with this day light stupid time. mark likes cause it is light when he gets home now, well the days are getting longer too. in the summer it seems like it never gets dark which makes up for the long dark days of winter i suppose. kauai is almost on the equator so our days were long and filled with lots of sunlight and warmth....

i got a photo in the mail from max today, it was his 6 month photo taken at some studio. he is so darn cute. it seems like forever that any of my boys were that small or young. mikko, my youngest, is 30 and bernie, my oldest will be 39 next month. geez........where did the time go?!!

i m supposed to go to a guild meeting tonight but i really don't like driving at night here plus it is supposed to snow. i will go to the sewing group on wednesday and get whatever news there is then. i am also really into sewing today (well, i am taking a little break right now). i have resurrected some background blocks i thought got ruined by kauai insects (poop) but with some spray and wash and putting thru the washer all but two are fine. i am working on "lisa boyer's " butterfly pattern...i think i took the class at her house in '91 when she first made the pattern...was it really that long ago. anyway, i had the antennae on all the blocks and about eight of the bodies (5 pieces per butterfly) done, so i am machine appliqueing them to the background blocks and they are turning out really neat! i have already decided on the name of the quilt "puuleileihua" (pooh-ou-lay-lay-who-ah) which is butterfly in hawaiian. i also worked on some more of those wheel of mystery blocks too.

well, i better get back upstair and sewing before i get distracted by something else. i hope everyone had a pleasant easter...very quiet around here. my first easter without victoria...oh well there will be others ahead.

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