Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here is my sweetie pickin and a singin at a bluegrass jam we went to in Rhinelander...that was the night of the blizzard and white out conditions...miss the regular jams on tuesdays nights in kekaha but we do music together. got tickets for charlie daniels, 38 special and shooter jennings for april 11th. should be fun...gonna spend the night at the hotel at the casino where the show is at. we have front row seats.
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Lisa Boyer said...

Sounds like fun! Now that Spring is coming, I'm going to be jealous of all the things you get to do...

Finn said...

Hi Susan, wanted to pop over and say Thank you for stopping by at Pieces from my scrapbag. You're almost a next door neighbor being in the UP. We lived in the lower P, over in the Thumb area for about 7 years, back in the late 60's. WI is home.
If you'd want to drop me an email at, I'll be happy to tell you how I get more than one picture to post. Pretty hard to do that here. I checked but didn't see an email addy for you.
I think you are very brave to embrace the change of life situatin and locations. The UP isn't necessarily an easy place to live, but sure is beautiful. Just gotta learn to love snow! Love the quilt, very happy and bright. Have a wonderful Easter. Hugs, Finn