Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was happily making my way down to the basement, which is now part dye studio. As I grabbed the 2 x 4 for support I heard this "hissing". I looked up from a few steps below and HOLLY GUACAMOLE!!!! it's a freaken snake. I called for Mark, who was in kitchen...Mark, there is a snake. Yeah right! No really, please come look and make it go away...pleaseeeeeeee

Access panel removed so you can get better look of what I had just brushed past.

Here, Mark is preparing to remove this beastie with my kitchen tongs...yuk...he has already pried him out of his snug little space. Be gone snake!

My hero! Destroyer of all things creepy and crawlie. Normally I don't mind snakes...but not on the way to my dye studio! Alas, this snake is now in snake heaven...don't want a pine snake making its home in yours or else you get lots and lots of baby pine snakes who, in turn will make more baby snakes.......
You can bet the ladies who will be arriving at around 9 a.m. tomarrow will be very, very glad this dude (or dudette) is gone! :-)