Friday, June 6, 2008


You have to admit, Max IS pretty KOOL! I just love the hair! He went to Mexico in May with his mommy, Aimee, and family. He really had a good time but he did not like the "sand" at all. Today was the first day that was nice, was humid but around 80. It is still light out, about quarter to nine and the temp has dropped 20 degrees. We are having lots and lots of wind and major thunderstorms...they say we may get big hail...i hope not. Most of the apple blossoms have been blown off the trees and I don't want my raspberries to get pummeled. It sure has been a wierd year weather wise folks say around here. I've heard we are going form winter to fall...ha ha ha.
We are hoping to get a little gardening in tomarrow. Plant the onion sets, "hot" peppers, and tomatoes. I am awaiting more blueberry plants and garlic from Gurneys. Can't wait!
I went to Jeri's Patchwork today and bought more fqs for a quilt I want to do. She puts together the most amazing 18 fq bundles...they are to dye for :-) Now, they are always on sale for $26, I was just going to buy another bundle of the same but she had packaged up 18 fqs with the pattern stuffed in the cutest felt basket wrapped in cellophane with a pink bow, all for just $30, how could i not get it!...the new fqs will go great with the ones I originally bought for this project. I cannot wait to start, but Mark gives me a rash since I already have a bunch of unfinished projects in various stages in my sewing room...if he only knew the true extent of my ufos.....We have decided I should just go ahead and buy the new metal frame/stand for my gammil. It is more than I can spend at the moment but I am going to the bank on Monday and see what we can do. I will also get the big castors for an additional fee but will make moving it around in the basement way more easy. Well, I gotta go, catch ya later.......