Saturday, June 28, 2008

Doreen's Quilts at Off Center Studios

Just got a message from Megan inviting me to the opening of a show of Doreen's quilts. I am stoked! Megan and Matti will be flying in from San Franciso too. I am happy to be able to see Megan again and excited about finally meeting Matti. It's a four and half hour drive but should be well worth it, plus we can go the distance to Stevensville on Saturday and pick up my gammill. Yipee! I havent discussed this with Mark yet, but I think it is a go! If any of you can rally and go, it should be a wonderful event. Boy! Do I miss Doreen!

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Under the Lychee Tree said...

I guess you are stoked. You are yelling! Doreen was such a great teacher. I remember her classes were so much fun.