Monday, June 16, 2008

Fence and Flowers

This is the other fence Mark built this more 2x4 to be added underneath the panel closest to house. I am going to buy some lilac bushes Wednesday at HomeDepot...I will keep them smaller bushes to hide gap. I will now have to access the garage via back door but worth keep nosey old guy out of yard...I think he has even been in our house when we are gone, now we lock the door now matter how soon will be back. Plus, I like the idea of a litte privacy from the road and yep...keep them pesky deer out. The weekend was beautiful and warm and today cloudy and down to 50 again...oh well...Oh! I finished these really darling pin cushions Saturday night, I will take photos of them and post them next time. :-)
This is a very cool wreath I got from a friend on Kauai. Carolyn built a house on the lot next door to us years ago. When she got married, she sold it so, if she and her husband got in a fight there wasnt a convient place to run "home" to...big mistake on her part...anyway. This hung on the inside of her kitchen door, I loved it and the bell sound it made whenever you came in. When she was moving I commented once again how much I liked it. She smiled at me and handed it to me and said take it...someone gave to me, now I am giving to you. For years it just hung on the wall in my studio and then here it was in a box. I had Mark hang it on the inside of our gate...I love it!

Another photo from when Max was in Mexico...I think he is so cute!!! Aimee called this "chillin"

I call this my "fairy circle". I thought they were they glads I planted last year, I guess they died but these iris sure did a number underground this past winter. I also love how they multiply in a circle...the circle is complete this year. Last year they were a bit patchy. I planted the marigolds and there are also asiatic lilies plus some other stuff I have no idea what they are until they bloom...always a surprise. In the background, you can see where Mark pulled the fence to the house. You cannot even tell this is not the way the fence was installed. That should keep the deer out!:-)


Liz said...

Yikes! That neighbor sounds awful! I love your flowers too. Do the deer try to eat them?

susan said...

last year they attacked the "fairy circle" regularly but so far so good this year. they are now not able to access the back yard and i plan to plant more stuff as the years go by now that it wont get eaten! i had to put the furnance on again! jeez.....wont complain thou.....better get to fixin supper for mark.

Tipper said...

Max is so so cute! And your flowers and yard look so good! Glad you got the fence fixed up!I bet the wreath really sounds good on the gate-looks good too!

vermontv said...

In your zone you have to lift glad bulbs or they will die during the winter. Oriental lily bulbs do very well in cold climates. Day lilies are very hardy and beautiful