Saturday, April 16, 2011


Here I am on Wednesday at the Crystal Falls Hydroelectric plant, the Paint River is at flood stage and they had to open 3 of the 4 gates and it is pumping over the spillway. The sound is like thunder. We took some really neat photos this day. I am standing here, 125# less than 14 months ago. It has been a really tough road to haul but I am making great progress and my hair is growing back finally. When I brush my hair it is just the usual little bit that always comes out. For a couple months, everytime I brushed my hair, I would have to empty the brush before I did the other half...very depressing. Almost finished with a series of 12 (ugh and ouch!!!) B1 shots. I get the last on Wednesday before I go to Kauai (May 8th) for a little over 6 weeks. I am so excited to see my Tori! She has so much planned for us to do plus she wants me to start teaching her how to sew...exciting!!! started snowing last night and hasn't stopped all day. You can see how much has accumulated on the deck railing. The birds have cleaned out all the feeders and suet too. Tomarrow even if it is snowing, I will bundle up and go out there and fill the feeders and get them birdies fed. Not only our usual crowd but they've come back in hoardes this spring(?). We have about a dozen Evening Grosbecks, one of the largest finches. I saw this guy on the Michigan program on PBS and he said they were in decline, not this year in our yard :-)

I have started on a new doll, a mermaid, I am making her in two color ways. A very pale pale green and very pale pale blue. I just finished up both heads...I think I prefer the blue. I need to buy lots of beads and different kinds for all the beading on her tail and fins. I think instead of beading her beast cups I am going to use two Sun Rise shells I have had for ages. The perfect use. They are so hard to get these days. Large groups of people comb the beach for these shells on the Na Pali coast and get very aggressive if they find you looking for shells. They sell them individually...a really nice SunRise shell can cost over twenty bucks now a days, could be higher. That really stinks! Have to go see my old girl friend, her trade mark is "aama" which is crab in Hawaiian...because she said she felt like a crab, creeping along the beach looking for Niihau shells and all shells for that matter. She was the first person to combine the Niihau shells and beads, her work is incredible and I own several of her earlier pieces :-)

Well, I am tired and have so much to do before I go to Kauai. One more charity quilt to quilt and am waiting on quilt from girlfriend from Mississippi, need to do that one before I leave. She needs to send from her state to wedding in ? beginning of July. I do not get home until the June 21st (I leave May 8th, a little over six weeks) at around 5a.m. in Chicago...I think Mark will meet me there. My ticket goes on to Green Bay, but he wants to visit his daughter, so, if he does, I will get off in Chicago. Puts about 4 hours on our ride home, but I had a little over 3 hour lay over in

Hope everyone's spring is a bit more sunny than mine is right now. I hope my daffodils and crocus don't croak from all this snow.

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Liz said...

I hope you have a great trip! Wiggle your toes in the sand for me. Oh yeah, eat some pineapple too! I love pineapple.rp