Sunday, March 6, 2011


If you enlarge her, you can rotate her so she is sitting the correct way. (I tried and I couldn't, but maybe you can) The beading took me days but was well worth the effort. From now on, I will do the beading on the body BEFORE I put her together or put on the hair. Her arms and legs are out of a fabric I dyed about a year ago, reds-oranges-yellow. Then I used metalic Seta Color...bronze, gold and pearl. It really turned out great. I just love the way she turned out so far. Of course, I made another 4 heads, and used number 4. I need to get a really nice basket to put all the extra heads in. :-)
The torso is out of a Hoffman bali Batik and I beaded some of the circles. I haven't really beaded before, so it was a learning process. Those are seed beads on her torso. Buggle beads on her arms and a variety of a bit larger flat beads and bigger seed beads. Her hair is this bunch of ribbons I got, they are sold on a plastic ring and are great and very inexpensive. I cannot wait until Kat gets more so I can buy a couple more selections. Now I have to dress her. I am going to use some cheese cloth I died...reds-oranges-yellows...not super bright. I will make leaves out of different colored wool felt I have and maybe do some free motion lace. I have never dressed a doll like this, so it should be a fun adventure.
My next doll project is a mermaid by Patti M Culea. I was going to buy pattern on line and then the other night I was looking for a different pattern, not doll at all, and I came across three really neat patterns I bought at this incredible shop I went to one time I went to California. It is called Material Possessions and it is in Forrest Lawn. My friend, Linda, took me to about three shops that day, the first was in Costa Mesa...Piece Makers; cannot remember the name of the second but when we got to Material Possessions I almost had a stroke. I use Isacord polyester embroidery thread for my machine. It is hard to find, but this place had a wall of it, every single color they was frightening! You know how you can get in big trouble $wise when it comes to thread, they are such small inocent looking purchases until they start adding them up at the cash register and then it's...."do you know CPR?" :-) They had a room with sample quilts and quilting fabric, a "doll"room with all sorts of doll patterns and samples and stuff to make dolls. They sell Bernina sewing machines and accessories and when you walk in, the quilts that are hanging are incredible. One of my all time favorite quilt shops, that is, after the Kapaia Stichery on Kauai.
I have a small private dye class on Thursday with two gals from Wisconcin. It will take them about an hour and a half to get here. Like me driving to Marquette. I ordered the fabric three weeks ago and by Tuesday they still hadn't sent came Friday by next day air FedEx...I only had to pay for ground since they were the ones who messed up. Then, after I had cut their fabric, it would take too much of class time so I did for them....they canceled the class they were to come to Monday, tomarrow, but will be here Thursday. Works out good for me anyway.
Well, it is late. I should get upstairs and hit the rack. I have now lost 120# and am very happy with it. My hair has finally stopped falling out at that alarming rate, now just the usual when you brush your hair. Lots of white coming in for those new hairs, it will actually be pretty, two long white strips on either side of my head, otherwise it is as dark brown as ever. When I went for my six month check up the dr. kept arguing with me that I had dyed my hair dark brown, she finally went and got my intake photo. I was kinda miffed, cause she was basically calling me a liar. I just had lost a lot of weight. I have never ever colored my hair ever...too much of a hassel as far as I am concerned.
well...........I will post a photo of Angelina(not for Jolie but for the fibers I worked with for the very first time for her wings)...which I will attach last after she is all dressed and stuff.
Take care and happy stiching!

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Liz said...

Your doll looks amazing!