Sunday, September 14, 2008

cloudy sunday

I know these look huge, but they are actually snapdragons...very pretty. Mark said he liked them, I planted them a little late, from seeds, in large planter and these are the first blossoms. Looks like they will bloom one spike at a time, so we will have snapdragons in the kitchen for awhile.
This is my second batch of home made "suet" althou I made with lard. It is a great receipe and I make from stuff I get for free...base is lard and peanut butter and the birds seem to love it. I have two feeders and they empty them about every other day. As soon as the grackles leave, it will slow down, but with the cost of suet going up like everything else I prefer to make my own.
I cannot believe these babies are still going strong. They get hit with almost freezing temps and die away and then come back. Its a nice splash of color in the yard. I wonder if I brought them in the house if they would survive or are they just short lived.
These are Marks Hungarian Wax Peppers. He thought they would be mild like the banana type but nooooooo....they have quite a nice kick to them. Of course nothing like the little Thai ones. I am already planning out next years garden. It is going to be way bigger. Going to really straighten out the raspberry patch this fall and remove a few rows. It is fun getting to plan ahead for the "spring" planting. Hopefully next spring/summer will be a bit warmer. I did enjoy the cooler summer but it didnt help with the growth of the veggies. Mark made the best spagetti sauce with veggies all from the garden except for the two cans of tomatoe paste. We discovered if we use his tomatoes need extra paste or the sauce is to thin. Anyway, it was excellent!
I am going upstairs to finish up Victoria's outfit...just the little jacket left. I need to shorten the pinafore...I accidently cut the dress a little too short so it is shorter than the pinafore...easy fix. Will photo after I am done. Hope everyone has a great week!


Under the Lychee Tree said...

Your garden looks great. Sounds like the birds are already trying to fatten themselves up for the winter. I'm sure I would already be migrating if I was a bird!

cinnamongirl93 said...

It's hard to beleive that the summer is almost over. We have had Canadian geese flying overhead for 3 weeks now.
Your plants look great. Snapdragons by seed?! Cool! I have never tried planting those from seed.