Monday, April 21, 2008

these i dont know what these are but there are quite a few of them...guess will just have to wait and see. they are also among the roses and found under the leaves. growing stuff here vs kauai is so different but i am slowly learning.
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Under the Lychee Tree said...

Those could be crocus since you have other bulbs coming out of the ground. At least it's encouraging to see something sprouting before June!

Anonymous said...

Did you just pull the leaves off of them? Looks like Asiatic Lilies. When they get a little more sun the will turn more of a greenish red color. Beautiful plant, grows in a stalk form with flowers at the top but I think Bunnies believe it is candy! They love to eat mine right off to the ground. Bad Bunnies!

SewDivaDiane said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Yes, it has been a while since I posted...I hope that I can do better.