Sunday, April 20, 2008

life in da UP

hard to believe but last sunday, mark was snow blowing and today he was raking leaves. that other guy is paulie our neighbor who lent a hand, a rake and another wheel barrow. ..and between them quite a few beers :-) i even got a sunburn watching them work. it got up to about 62 and i was estatic! i know, you guys from hawaii are laughing...that is our winter...but after -30...62 above is down right tropical!

i did pretty good at the quilt show, sold about a third of my fabric and one shop is interested in carrying my fabric. in a week or so me and mark will drive to marinette, which is in wisconcin. i am pretty stoked!

the sump pump is running about every five minutes, we figure it is pumping about 70-80 gallons of water per hour out of the basement. there are three little rivers that run into the well of the pump. from the frozen ground. hopefully it wont rain too much before the thaw is done.

i will go outside and take pictures of all the stuff that is coming up. i cannot believe all this was under two feet of snow just seven days ago. the grass is green in most daffodils did something under the dirt and snow and there are zillions of them. my friend told me that this fall i will have to did them all up, seperate them and then replant them...okay

we are going to modify our fence so that it touches the house on two sides so that out back yard will be completely fenced to keep the deer OUT! then i can plant flowers and more veggies and stuff. I HATE DEER!!!!! i dont even think they are cute...they are either eating every neat thing in your yard...flinging themselves into the path of your car...or carrying lyme desease infected ticks.........bambi they are not!

hey! on the up side...there is a black wolf that runs around here. only seen him twice, the neighbor has seen him a couple of times and so have a few other people in the neighborhood. now that is a kool animal!

well, it is late so i am off to z land but am excited at what tomarrow will bring.........

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Liz said...

Congratulations about the quilt show and having a store want to carry your fabric! We had great weather here, too. My husband was out with his bees yesterday since it was finally warm enough to open up the hive. 62 sure sounds great to me!