Friday, August 21, 2009

Blueberry waffles

oh my gosh! i got one of those flip waffle deals from ginny's. i love it. this is the second time i have made waffles in the past week. mark absolutely loves them. the receipe calls for egg whites folded in and i think that adds such a nice lightness. i have never ever been sucessful at making waffles before. i do not know what it is about that thing but it works. i put it oh high and wait until no more steam comes out...forget timing it. mark put my blueberry syrup(was supposed to be jam) on his and i put my newest batch of raspberry jam on mine. i could not eat the second waffle so maybe a treat for later. they say, just heat up the waffle maker, put the waffle back in lining up the square holes, close lid and reheat. i got the receipe online and it is by emeril. way easy. it calls for cake flour but i keep forgetting to buy, regular flour seems to work just fine. didnt get above 55 today. the wind was from the artic i am sure and it rained rained rained. going upstairs to snuggle with my sweetie and watch the tube. happy friday!


Liz said...

It was cold her too - but I bet we hit 65.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Hello Susan! It's been a cold summer for us too. I am getting a little bummed about that.
I love waffles. I have never made them before. What kind of waffle iron do you have? Just wondering. After reading you post about yours I want some too! lol!