Friday, January 2, 2009

Marquette with Tori

My beautiful Victoria...she has been running around in the snow and she has color in her cheeks. We had a fun day but all three of us are totally pooped out. We were going to go to the "bridge" tomarrow but there is a severe storm watch until Sunday night starting tomarrow evening. We would of probably got caught in some nasty weather on our way back. We will save it for a summer adventure with her on her next visit. Isn't she beautiful?
She kept calling this the ocean and Mark would get all snappy and say, it is Lake Superior, it has nothing to do with the ocean. She was impressed, the wind is blowing and it is very cold at the moment this picture was taken.
This is the largest running chain saw in the world. It was even colder at this moment. But she was a champ and slogged through the snow so Mark could get her picture. I stayed on the plowed area. He took this for her dad, Mikko. We are going to Iron Mountain in the morning to pick up stuff for Mark to put new vanity in bathroom with shelves on both sides.


Liz said...

She is darling!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Wonderful pictures. Your grand daughter is beautiful!

Tipper said...

Victoria-is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad you've got to spend this time with her-and had so much fun.

WoolPets said...

Looks like you and your granddaughter are having a great time this winter! She's a cutie!