Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January 7th Our trip to Marquette on Jan 2nd

We are at da Tourist Trap in Ishpaming, it was early yet and the wind was brisk and it was cold, hence the look. But BigGus does run...kool huh?
Later in the day, sun was out and was georgeous. They didnt plow or clear the walk way to or in this little playground but that didn't stop Tori. It was at Cinder Cove Marina in Marquette. She really had a good time. I cannot believe how much she loves the snow!
Sitting on a log at the beach of Lake Superior, she kept calling it the ocean. Couldn't grasp the idea of a lake this big. You can see the storm gathering out on the lake. This was at the beginning of Presq Isle Park. I cannot believe they dont plow the roads thru that park, would have been a very lovely drive. Oh well....
I cannot believe we leave for Chicago early Friday morning. We will stay in a hotel in Kenosha at the border of Wisconcin and Illinois. Less of a drive for her Saturday and she has a 4.5 hour plane ride to Los Angeles and then a 2 hour drive to San Diego. I am really gonna miss my bunnyduck. I started to cry today and am gettng a little bit depressed. I will hang in there and keep it together until after she leaves and then I am gonna have me a good cry. We have had a really good time thou and so thankful for this time together.

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Marcia said...

What a great trip it looks like she had. My sister and her family were here from Hawaii. It was the first time my 6 year old nephew saw snow. He sure wasn't disappointed! Maybe one of these times you are in Marquette, we will get to meet.