Monday, August 4, 2008

Wooktick Jamboree and Rainbows too!

Our campsite at the Tick...couple really good bluegrass groups and some pretty terrible stuff too. This is my first time camping in da UP, or anywhere for that matter in a real long time. My little station wagon really can pull the load. We had a good time.
This was actually the biggest brightest rainbow since I've been in da UP. It was almost gone before most people noticed it. As Kauai rainbows go, this one was maybe a 7. It actually doubled! The night before, Friday, sever cloud to ground lightning and thunderstorm warnings and they had a tornado in Escanaba which was only about 20 miles away. It also rained but we kept quite dry in tent. Then it got really clear and very very cold...probably down to low 40s that night.

My Bobanjo and "tubaman". This guy was real cute, gotta be over 70. He would walk around asking to jam with people and then he'd say, okay, let me go to my truck and get my "tuba"?!! a different kind of "bass" instrument to say the least. We had a couple guitars plus this guy for awhile and got quite a crowd. We had a good time at the tick and will probably go next year but it was good to get home.
This week I will be sewing for Victoria. I have several outfits I want to make, of course I will take photos and post. I decided to freeze all the raspberries I harvested this year, and me and Victoria will make jam together this winter. Plus, it is kinda warm to make jam, well, not today but it makes the house pretty hot and humid. Can use both this winter.


Connie W said...

Your post made me smile. Also made me remember the Christmas when my brother, my son, and my dad were at our house jamming (two guitars and a steel guitar). My husband got out his flute and joined them. Not your usual C&W sound but they all had fun.

Dana said...

looks like you had a fun time camping!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Great idea in freezing the berries, I never thought to do that and make jam later like when it's cold outside. Instead I heat up the house. LOL!
Looks like a fun camping trip!

Tipper said...

What fun. I bet you enjoyed it all! The Rainbow is pretty too.