Sunday, May 18, 2008


Just to let you all know I am fine...we had two lovely days of 60 and now it is 32...very light sprinkle, lucky it is not snow! Going to be wrapping up the give away shortly... you will be getting all six of the fqs whoever the lucky winner is! :-)

Mark is finishing up the basement today. He got the old oil tank out yesterday, had a major spill in the basement which he cleaned up with kitty litter and dawn. no bad smell or anything, yeah! Today finishing up the shelving and extending the countertop of sink area. I am so stoked to get my dyeing area done. Will put my fabric to be dyed in large plastic box for safe keeping down there too.

The daffodils are almost done, put my fuchsias outside, the raspberries are all leafed out...soon I must plant those hollyhocks!

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Tipper said...

Sorry about the cold. It has even been a little cool down south. I know you are so excited about getting the dying area fixed up. Can't wait to see who wins the fabric!