Wednesday, December 11, 2013

minus 15 but i got that box mailed off today. should get to sister saturday and she leaves early monday a.m. for sweden. hope they enjoy quilt and birds i sent along.
fell two weeks ago snow blowing and cracked a rib but its my tail bone that really took the hit. it was already in three pieces and it is getting worse. may have to see some body about it if it doesnt start getting better soon.
thats it for me today, im tired. hopefully will get some fun stuff done tomorrow.


Lisa Boyer said...

Tell me: do you put things in the refrigerator to keep them warm? Brrrrr. So fun to see how you live now!

susan said...

of course, but the pop and beer on back porch are pretty cold when i put in frig. Mark just puts beer on back deck for a bit to get cold, it will freeze if he freezes in the car if left overnight :-)