Thursday, August 4, 2011


My latest projects...I buy really nice t-shirts from St. Vinnie's and then put Hawaiian applique designs on them. Today they had their "bag" sale; anything you can fit into a brown shopping bag for $2...I scored!!!! Got 25 t-shirts; two pieces of really nice fabric, possibly for dolls; two very small pyrex cooking dishes and found two round lids to fit them. Plus, I found metal hangers...I use them to unplug bathtub and the like, maybe even use for doll armatures, who knows, but they are so hard to come by, so I got a bunch for thirty cents. All in all a very good hall. Plus on the way to Vinnies, the Masons were setting up for a rummage sale tomarrow, got to go in check out. Bought two boxes of pint jars for only two bucks each; some very nice picture frames and two very kool pieces of velvet. One is red devore...I'm stoked.
Here is a close up of the "hibiscus" design. I think I have enough t-shirts to make one of each design. I am using my hand dyed fabric, maybe I will use a couple of batiks to do a few. Plus, Victoria request a long sleeve black t-shirt and a no sleeve black t-shirt. Found one on sale at WM for only $3; got her the short sleeve at Vinnie's today, but no long sleeves out yet and to find a solid black one without a design on it will be a challenge. But I am still looking. The designs she wants in pink or a mix of pink and blue...both hand dyes by Nana of course :-)
Our garden is going nuts! I already picked all the broccoli; cauliflower; the rutabeggas are done; the cabbage is ready, my snow peas will produce until the fall.....and Mark's pickling cucumbers are starting to produce. It is so soon for harvesting but it was very very hot, long long days and plenty of rain...guess a good combo for up here. The raspberries are almost all picked. I will be canning into the night!
Things are going well, I need to finish quilt in basement on gamil and then start working on some dolls, and finish that kool sock I was working on. When the sun is out, I hate being inside, soon enough won't be able to spend much time outside. The summer has seemed to just zoomed by this year. Maybe cause I missed the spring while on was on Kauai. Still dreaming about that warm pacific...I miss it so much....

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Liz said...

The shirts are beautiful!