Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mark got a new doo

I wish he would of smiled...he has a job interview on Thursday, so today he cut off his braids and tomarrow he shaves everything off except his mustache...and he said if they want him to shave that he will. he has NEVER shaved his mustache before, ever...
It really looks nice, like I said I wish he would of smiled. Luckily the lady that cut his hair, is the one who always has and didnt charge that much...what she charged him before before he moved to hawaii...and that was in 2000. He will need to get it cut at least once a month is not more if he gets this job. Oh please, oh please, oh please let Mark get this job. He has been out of work long enough and needs to go back to work and out of the house for part of the day. I love him very much but he is getting restless and is not used to not working. Makes him cranky to saw the least.
Otherwise, all is well here. They said we might get our first frost tonight or tomarrow night. Not good for my garden. Will have to see what happens.

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