Friday, November 13, 2009

Picture taken a week before T went to San Diego to go to school. She is now in a charter school, a performing arts scool and has scolarships for the extra classes. She loves her new school but wishes her daddy was with her. Mark built this porch and steps before we left. He also painted the windows and dark trim. He basically did a major overhaul on my house before we left. I didnt want to leave after he was done. He sanded the hardwood floors, the verathane just was dry the day we left. It was like a brand new house.
Max, about 2 years old...I got him this Crystal Falls t-shirt that said "Im a keeper". Which he certainly is. Ben Franklin has the best Crystal Falls stuff around.He is such a cutie...I cannot wait until I can hug him in person.
M and T love to fish...these are mempachi...a super good red fish that you fry and put on grill. They hid in cracks or in caves...M can free dive to about 80+ feet. He has been free diving all his life. I think they had a party with all that fish.
T is tired after her party.
We are waiting for the snow. The hunters are praying for snow...opening day this weekend. It is cold and dry...the ends of my braids fly about with so much static electricity. I hate this time of year, my fingers get sore from getting zapped everytime I touch the car or any other outdoor metal object. yikes!
Almost have my 6" WOW top completed...ran out of black flannel...need more. I will do the scalloped border with some of the handdyed batik look flannels and black. I got a piece of black flannel at Ben Franklin but not sure right black. Its upstairs to see if they match or not and to keep working on the project as far as I can.

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Lisa Boyer said...

So many cute pix--I'm sure you miss them all terribly. I miss Grayson and Angela so much! They're not coming home for Christmas this year--then off to grad school and beyond next May. I have no idea where grad school will take them! I think I'll just ignore Christmas this year; too sad. Dang. Kids are so wonderful, but they can make you so blue!