Monday, October 5, 2009

Its Monday

I gave a gradation dye class up in Marquette on Saturday. Was very successful and fun, as usual. I have given them the option for the next class to be just a "Day of Dyeing". I would bring up various equipment and colors and they would spend the day using the techniques they have learned so far but dye more fabric. Alot of them have used most of it up for projects already, I am so proud of these students in da UP. My next big class will be on painting and printing and will cost more but I will have to supply more stuff. I cannot believe how much the price for thermofax screen has gone up...$170 for a roll!!!! Yikes!!!!! I haven't used mine in a while and am praying that it works. Welsh Products doesn't repair them anymore, but if mine doesn't work they will give me name of someone who does. Oh! and the cost of a thermofax has skyrocketed. 3M no longer makes them, but their refurbished ones are like $800 and the brand new ones are over a grand. Oh please..............let my baby work. Kind of chicken to go down there to see if it will burn a screen. My screen is old but has been kept in dark dry place, hopefully that is still good or I may have to rethink the use of thermofax screens in class...but they are so kool and fun to use.

I washing the batman sheets and was very disappointed on the quality and what was printed. I may go on eBay and try and find some better Batman fabric. At this point, I am thinking of taking the pillow apart to use as big applique for his quilt. I still need to take old crib sheet apart so I can make him some for his big boy bed. I also need to start knitting again on his afghan so I can send as Christmas gift.

It is supposed to SNOW this weekend. Can you believe that?!! Hopefully it is just a light dusting and doesn't stick. I really want my brussel sprouts to mature. They are pretty small at the bottom of the branch and very tiny as you work your way to the top. I think they need to be in the ground until November at least.........maybe will cover with thick plastic drop cloth to keep the snow off plants. I do not think the ground will freeze for months to come...hopefully.

Mark got a huge crop of tomatoes, but he had to pull em all up due to a couple nights it froze. Now I have green tomatoes everywhere ripening. As he gets a bunch ripe, he blanches them. He is bothering stewing them yet. I think he might wait until they are all done and just stew a huge pot. Makes more sense to me.

Well, it is late and I want to try and get out of bed early tomorrow to start on some projects, and finish up a small one and continue work on some others. I dyed three sets of colors on Saturday and was very disappointed with the evergreen and leaf green...they are so blue and so close in color. The third was two colors ....from left to right fuchsia and right to left same bags. They turned out absolutely beautiful!!! Oh well.....Maybe I will take some photos and post in the next day or two.

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Tipper said...

So glad your classes are going good!! And I'm hoping your grandaughter's move works out for the best.